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PPEI EZ Lynk 2013 - 2020 Cummins 68RFE TCM Tuning

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Install a state-of-the-art tune on your 2013-2020 68RFE Cummins transmission! This tune:

  • Enables your transmission to accommodate the higher horsepower and torque
  • Prolongs the transmission's life
  • Enables an earlier converter lockup
  • Increases the line pressure to 170PSI
  • Implements a new shift strategy to keep the transmission from lugging the engine
  • Creates an easier downshift with less throttle input
  • Tailors torque management

EZ LYNK is a modern solution that utilizes cloud technology to tune your transmission and to allow you to monitor it via the AutoAgent app on your smartphone.

Power up your 68RFE with a custom tune today!

*Note: To find out which transmission you have, pop the hood and stand in front of your truck. The 68RFE has the transmission dip stick on the passenger side as opposed to the driver side.

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